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This blog is a journal of an auto trip around the central U.S. Starting in Nashville, we will be taking the northern route west to the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore area, and then west to Yellowstone, south to the Grand Canyon, finally taking the southern route back home.  There will be many other stops between, but these are the major ones. It is a long trip of about 4000 miles, a lot of driving.

We are not camping people, we are comfortable beds and air conditioning people. So we will spend our days driving and sightseeing and our nights at hotels. While I’ve visited most of these places in the past, it will be a first time visit for Morris. For me, it will be an opportunity to see things I missed before, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Corn Palace in South Dakota, and to refresh memories of other places.

In typical blog style, the newest post will be first and the oldest last. Sort of crazy, isn’t it? But so is two old retired people driving 4000 miles.

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