Westward Ho

Well, actually it is not “Westward Ho,” it’s “Northward Ho.” The first leg of our journey took us north from Nashville to St. Louis. The trip was pretty uneventful unless you count almost missing our exit. My sister lives north of the city, so we were supposed to exit at 255. I thought Mo knew the way, and I had mentioned getting off there previously. It isn’t as if we have not made the exact same trip dozens of times. Anyhow, we ended up crossing over two highway mediums to get into the right lane and made the exit without being killed.

We spent the night at my sister’s house and she will leave us at this point and stay in St. Louis. This morning we will head west to Kansas City and then north again to Sioux City or Sioux Falls. I can’t remember which. I will dust off my new GPS so we can get step-by step directions and I hope we will not miss any more exits.

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