The Not-So-Great Salt Lake

IMG_5153The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere and a well known geologic feature in Utah. It is best seen from a State Park called Antelope Island. In brochures it said not to call it a “Dead Sea” as it plays an important part in the ecosystem. I will take their word for it. It is not an attractive or a pretty lake. It is surrounded by ugly salt marshes.

There is a herd of bison there if you want to see bison. In my opinion, there are better places to see them. We piddled around driving desolate roads wasting time that we could spend better elsewhere. I did not want to go on the steep road to the top of a high rocky peak to get a better view. As far as I was concerned, I had seen enough.

The road goes around the entire island if you like driving in hot, desolate places and sight-seeing where there is nothing to see. There is a beach if you like swimming in salty water, and you can camp there if you like being sweaty and don’t mind brine flies. I was happy to cross back over the long causeway and get the heck out of that place.



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