Old Faithful

IMG_5107Today was our last day at Yellowstone. It is sad to leave such an amazing place, but life goes on. We have seen so many geysers that they are beginning to all look the same. We decided to spend our last day back at the most famous landmark in Yellowstone, Old Faithful. We did not spend a lot of time there before as there was so much to see elsewhere.

I wanted to walk the trail through the Upper Geyser Basin. This is the thermal basin where Old Faithful is located. As we walked towards the back of Old Faithful, it erupted in a beautiful fountain very close by. What a wonderful way to end our visit.

We walked as many of the trails in the area as I could. I had no idea how much area they covered. About 150 geysers and thermal pools are located in the immediate area. I lost track of the names of individual displays. Some were small bubbling pools, which we dubbed “baby geysers in training.”

Many tourists are seeing things they have never seen before. Wild critters, geysers, hot springs, rushing streams, mountains, it is all here. You could spend weeks, months, here seeing new things. We watched Old Faithful for one last time. We scarcely scratched the surface, but I am satisfied that we did as much as we could in the time we had and I’m ready to pack up and go.






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