Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

IMG_5090We found an interesting place while at Yellowstone. It was called “Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.” This is not the kind of place where I would normally go, but it was recommended by “US News and World Report” as one of the top nine places to see at Yellowstone, so I put it on my list.

When we arrived, I found it was a non-profit wildlife rescue and education center. They care for animals who have been orphaned or became a threat to people due to gaining access to human food. Often such animals are killed because they left the wild and went into a neighborhood where bird feeders and garbage made an easy meal.

The Discovery Center had created a natural habitat as much as possible. Animals were on exhibit only for a brief period and only one bear at time was available to view. We saw Sam who is a Grizzly from Alaska. He came to the rescue center as an orphaned cub, and now weighs 1,000 pounds.

IMG_5081There were also wolves and bird raptors that had broken wings and could not fly enough to forage for food. In addition to live animals, the center has a variety of programs to educate people about wildlife preservation. We found that wolves had become extinct in Yellowstone, but were reintroduced and have had a positive effect on the environment and are helping control species that were becoming over-populated.

We were able to see animals there that are difficult to observe at Yellowstone. They are currently expanding to rescue more bears that would be euthanized as well as adding an area for reptiles.

The Discovery Center is funded by tax-deductible donations and entry admissions. Learn more at


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